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Why GHC 19?

May 11, 2019

I had the pleasure to attend the GHC 18 and it made an impact in my life. It brought more ideas to me on where I wanted to go with my career. I applied this year because I want one more experience because last year made a great impact on me. This year is completely… Read More ›

Tips to Succeed

On Wednesday September 26th, Madhu Venkatesh spoke on tips on how to      succeed in your career. These tips cannot not only help in your career but can also help in real life. She spoke based on an experience someone else had and that she provided the tips to. 5 Key Tips to help… Read More ›

Falling Into Tech: NonTraditional

On Thursday September 27th, I attended a session that had panelists in which spoke on how they became women in tech. The panelists consisted of Jennifer Tress, Katie Crepps, Elizabeth Lindsey, Amy Higgins, and Mandy Pet. Each panelist had their own unique stories to tell in regards on how they came into the Information Technology Industry…. Read More ›

Finding Professional Mentors and Staying in Touch

On Friday September 28th 2018, I revisited all of the booths in the career fair including those that I made professional mentors at. As an UMSL Graduate student, I can say many things on finding professional mentors as I have been working on this since my Undergraduate career.  Most would not expect or want to… Read More ›

Day 2: AMD Excitement

On Thursday September 27th, I ventured back to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to see if anything new was going on and most certainly there was. When I arrived at the booth they greeted me by name and gave me a hug. It was such a great experience being able to find a company like AMD… Read More ›

Programming a Robot Artist

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Grace hopper changed my mindset towards attending a career fair. Yes, I thought, will I get a chance in big corporations like Google or IBM and many more?! But after I gathered the courage, went up and spoke to them, everything changed. They were willing to help anyone who shows interest. Any kind of talent… Read More ›

Notes to Future Women in Tech

Words of encouragement for future female technologists. So cool to participate in this!

Open Source Coding

I spent my entire day participating in the Open Source Hack-a-thon at the Grace Hopper Celebration. I spent my time working with representatives from Oppia and women of all experience levels trying to work on some reported problems. Oppia is a really cool idea that I plan to dedicate some time to in the future;… Read More ›

Tech…more than code

Learned about the different non technical roles in IT from these ladies…