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June 27, 2019

Hello my name is Karina Almeida. I am currently a student at UMSL, planning to graduate in December 2019. Why would I like to attend GHC? Last year after some classmates returned from the Grace Hopper Celebration, they talked about how they enjoyed it and how it was a wonderful opportunity for them. I didn’t… Read More ›

GHC – Erin Gilbert

Hi! My name is Erin Gilbert. I am a senior at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I will be graduating May 2020 with degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems with a minor in Psychology. Several years ago, I began working for a company that had a homegrown CRM program. The more I worked in… Read More ›

GHC and Me

Hello! My name is Emma Castellari! I will be finishing my time at UMSL in December 2019. The GHC is something I never dreamed I would be able to be a part of. I am from a small town in Illinois where computer related careers are not common. I ventured out to St. Louis after… Read More ›

Why Women Like Me

As technology keeps evolving day by day, many people fall victims to cyber crime. Thus to augment my education and passion in this emerging field, it is my desire to attend the Hooper Conference. Attending this conference will give me the exposure that i need as a recent graduate in the field, as i get… Read More ›


Hi, My name is Emma and I am super excited for Hopper. I am from a small town in Illinois where an event like this is something I could never dream of. I’ve had to work hard my whole life and I am ready to be dedicated and devoted to this event!   #UMSL  #Information… Read More ›

Why GHC?

My name is Prachi Talwar and I am studying Information systems. It is my senior year and Fall 2019 is going to be my last semester as an undergrad. I read so many articles about women in IT every day. Women in computing have come a long way and have constantly proved how dedicated  they… Read More ›

GHC 2019 – Damon Walker

Greetings, I am Damon Walker, a UMSL Ph.D. student, and my goal is to one day teach Information Systems and Technology based courses at the college level. I am also interested in how to encourage more women and minorities to pursue a career in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Attending the Grace Hopper… Read More ›

Hello World!

My name is Sydney Roberson and I am a rising junior Information Systems major at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) from Chicago, Illinois. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems in Spring 2021. I have been on a journey throughout college to challenge myself to be more social and… Read More ›

Why Grace Hopper?

My name is Andres Hun, I am right now pursuing my Master in IS. Why Grace Hopper? Very easy question to answer in my opinion. I got to the UMSL family last fall when I started my IS Master, and I had the opportunity to talk with Nino, Mo, Nicole and Damon from the IS department… Read More ›

My inspiration for Grace Hopper Celebration

I am Gouthami Nekkanti, I am pursuing Master of Science in Information systems. It has been my wish to attend the Grace Hopper Conference as this is one of the rare platforms for students to update themselves on latest trends in Information Technology and meet people from diverse backgrounds. I am eager to meet experts… Read More ›