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Day 2: AMD Excitement

On Thursday September 27th, I ventured back to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to see if anything new was going on and most certainly there was. When I arrived at the booth they greeted me by name and gave me a hug. It was such a great experience being able to find a company like AMD… Read More ›

Day 1: AMD Excitement

On Wednesday September 26th 2018, I went to the CareerFair not knowing what to expect. Was there going to be lines? Am I going to be able to go to all of the booths? What are all the companies that are represented at GHC18? Which company booth will I get a group selfie at? I… Read More ›

Career Fair

I worked my way through part of the career fair between speakers today and was in awe of the amount of women I saw on the floor. I spoke with women from all walks of life today and, despite our differences, we all shared a passion for technology. There were women at booths ready and… Read More ›

“How did I get here?”

This morning I listened to a keynote speech from Jessica Matthews, CEO and founder of Uncharted Power, who presented the question “How did I get here?” She made a great point that one does not always know where they are going or where they want to be but that they will eventually find their path…. Read More ›

Arrival Day: Badge

We arrived into Houston  Tuesday September 25th 2018 at about 1:15 pm. Following that was the trip to the room which was an experience since we had a total of seven people and we only had a vehicle that sits 6 people. Well we had a total of seven of us in the vehicle for… Read More ›

We Arrived

We have arrived into Houston last night 9/25/18. Heading out to eat for our first night in Houston. Here is the Double Tree Galleria Group. In this group is Violetta, Shruthi, Sherie, Harishana, Leanna, Nicole, and Kalynn. We ended up eating at Cheesecake Factory and got to know each more.  #GHC18 #UMSL2GHC

Site seeing

We were out exploring the city before the celebration begins via google bike cab.

A Solitary Flower

As I was being shuttled to the convention center this evening to pick up my badge for the conference tomorrow, I noticed a vibrant magenta flower growing among the mass of vines on the retaining walls. The vines and their roots, twisted and tangled, covered the expanse but one flower had managed to bloom alone…. Read More ›

Countdown to GHC

So the conference is 9 days away and I’m anxiously waiting for the experience! Since this will be my first time attending GHC I made sure to sign up for the first timer’s Orientation on Tuesday evening. I’m also really looking for to the first Keynote speech with Padmasree Warrior to kickoff  a great week… Read More ›