Customer Relationship Management

ShareBy Taylor Rinehart, As marketing is growing, UMSL is trying to accommodate its students by improving and adding courses. A customer relationship management (CRM) course has recently been introduced and it gives you the ability to take a step ahead, think about your future career, and utilize software you will […]

UMSL Offers CRM and You Need to Take it!

ShareBy Taylor Rinehart, When organizing your life, you utilize many tools. Whether it’s a to-do-list, a planner or any other object you use, they are all very important aspects of organization. With growth in businesses and the organization within them, there is a lot of software and tools that are […]

HubSpot Introduces Students to Education Partner Program

ShareBy Zach Stahr, The field of Customer Relationship Management is rapidly emerging as one of the most important, exciting and innovative segments of the business world. The University of Missouri-St. Louis Marketing Department recognized the importance to stay ahead of the curve. This led them to bring Sarah Dalton, director […]

CRM Panel Brings New Insights to Marketers