Thanksgiving, a time for reflection and gratitude

Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on and express our gratitude.  Even as we find ourselves still battling a global pandemic in which so many of us have lost so much, we are reminded of all that is precious and that nothing can be taken for granted anymore.

We are also still grieving and striving to overcome all the racial injustices that continue to plague this country, but now with renewed attention, energy, and hope.  In this spirit, we should not forget that our cherished Thanksgiving tradition is also a story of trauma, loss, and resilience for Native Americans, Indigenous, and First Nations people.

We can honor their stories and expand our understanding of the meanings of Thanksgiving by learning more!  A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving is a curated set of informational and pedagogical resources provided by Center for Racial Justice in Education in order to highlight and uplift the perspectives and contributions of Native American communities.      

We at ODEI wish you a safe, reflective, and festive holiday and break!