Meet Invisible Applications at #MDMC

By: Jacob Bryant
Invisible Applications formed after winning a start-up competition in November of 2013. The initial application they launched was the Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend the application would use information provided by you to craft a fake significant other to convince others that you are currently in a relationship. The concept took off, and just shy of 2 years after its birth the website has nearly half a million visitors that logged on from 193 customers!
The founders of Invisible Applications are Kyle Tabor, Matthew Homann, and Bredon Jones. Kyle is an MBA graduate of Washington University. Matthew earned a Political Science degree from the University of Illinois in 1990 and a J.D. from Washington University. Bredon Jones earned a degree in Spanish from the University of Kentucky in 1998. The original service was conceived by Matt based on his own experience after going through a divorce and wanting to end prying questions from family and friends.Invisible Applications says that thousands take advantage of their service for a variety of different reasons. Reasons include:
“Hoping to buy some time and convince my parents I’m in a relationship until I’m ready to come out.”
“Getting a clingy coworker off my case”
“I’m in the army and want someone to write to”
The Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend experience offers 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and a handwritten note from a faux partner who interacts with the customer in real time at a cost of $25 per month.
Invisible Applications will be at the MDMC in the Tech Alley, come talk to them and learn more about their story and experiences!