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All business is global business: College of Business Administration realigns to better prepare students
“All students, especially business students need to understand and compete in the global economy. After consulting with the faculty, our advisory boards, the central administration and our students, this reorganization of the college will enable our students to think globally while they prepare for their careers,” said Charlie Hoffman, dean of the college. “This renewed global focus in the classroom and in the community will emphasize the skills and capabilities our students need to manage and lead global organizations.” More.

UMSL’s chief marketing officer earns rare Distinguished Toastmaster distinction
Toastmasters International recently bestowed the organization’s highest honor to Ron Gossen, UMSL’s chief marketing officer, senior associate vice chancellor for marketing and communications and the founding president of the Triton Toastmasters Club. Only about one in every 200 toastmasters has received the award in Toastmasters International’s history. More.

Businessman returns to school to earn MBA, mentor entrepreneurial scholars
“When I started in the 1980s, the entrepreneurial community wasn’t as strong as it is today,” he said. “The Small Business Administration was the only resource we had. Not like today, where there are so many resources and support. It was a different world. I was under capitalized. I didn’t know my market. You name it, I did it wrong.” More.

Young innovators compete in entrepreneurial program
Scott was among 30 high school students who participated in The Pitch, a summer entrepreneurial program organized by the University of Missouri–St. Louis College of Education. The program challenged teams of students to develop innovative business projects. They focused on solving real-world commercial and social problems, giving the students free range to test and refine their wildest ideas. More.

Beyond Networking Welcomes Perry Drake!

The Who, the When, the Where?
On Tuesday, 9/22, Perry Drake will be covering Social Media for St. Louis’ Beyond Networking. Beyond Networking is a very important and one-of-a-kind resource available to St. Louis’ job seekers and business professionals. Beyond Networking’s mission is to help others as they are pursuing a new position or a career change.
How Beyond Networking Helps
Losing your job can be like losing your identity. Leading up to and during the Great Recession, the St. Louis business community experienced major simultaneous layoffs. Many of those who were laid off had not thought about their resume or dressing for an interview in years, if not decades.
networking-imageBeyond Networking (formerly GO!) was created out a need for the development of the soft and the hard skills new job seekers need to land their next role. Beyond Networking assists with everything from best practices for resumes, completing online applications and answering interview questions to providing emotional support and financial information.
Weekly Meetings
Every Tuesday, Beyond Networking meets from 9:00 – 11:45 am while a guest speaker discusses various aspects of the career transition process. Participants enjoy coffee, learn a new professional best practice and network with other attendees – for free. All are welcome, including students.
All upcoming meetings can be found here and the next several meetings are below:
9/22: Perry Drake Presents “Social Media… Just What is it?”
Perry Drake, Asst. Teaching Professor & Director of Business Collaboration UMSL – Social Media, will lead a discussion detailing the benefits and pitfalls of social media.
9/29: Kathy Bernard Presents “Personality Tests”
Did you read the recent article in Time Magazine? Companies are relying upon personality tests to see if you fit in their culture and philosophy. Have you taken Caliper? Wunderlik? Kathy owns and has provided many seminars on important tools to use. LinkedIn changes every day, are you doing the most to maximize your presence?
10/6: David Hults, Career Coach, Author and Speaker
David’s ‘game’ helped launch Beyond Networking-STL, providing assistance on changing careers, now with a new project to help folks that are employed, stay on top.

3-D Printing: A Brief Overview

By: John Schmitt

In August 2015, the FDA gave approval to Aprecia Pharmaceuticals to start distributing the first 3D printed pill. WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Company, a Chinese construction firm, used 3D printed materials to construct the walls for a five story apartment block this past Spring. Currently Local Motors Manufacturing is producing 3D printed car bodies. Drawn is
print1a French furniture company which only designs and sells products that are 3D printed. And if you see your dentist and need a tooth repaired, the repair material will likely be 3D printed.
This article provides an introduction and overview to 3D printing, a subject that covers a broad range of technologies and equipment. “3D printing” and “Additive Manufacturing” (AM) are terms used to describe the same process that is, fundamentally, using a machine to build an object from a series of added layers. This is a distinctly new form of manufacturing since traditionally objects were created by a subtractive process. Subtractive manufacturing starts with a material that is then cut, drilled or shaped into the finished product. 3D printing adds material as needed to create the product. To accomplish this, designers and manufacturers use different types of 3D printers and various types of additive material.
A current list of additive manufacturing processes include:

  • FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling
  • EBM – Electron Beam Melting
  • DLP – Digital Light Processing
  • LOM – Laminate Object Manufacturing
  • SLS – Selective Laser Sintering
  • MJM – Multi Jet Modeling

The different types of additive process relate to the variety of materials that can be used to print. Plastic is the most common substance, but ceramic, metal, wood, concrete, food and skin cells are all being used to make 3D printed objects. Some of these printers are small enough for a desktop environment while some need the space of a large factory to operate. Price aligns with the scale and sophistication of additive manufacturing machines. Desktop printers start around $1,000, while large factory printers can cost millions of dollars. The variety of machines allows for adaptability to the needs of a work flow. A small design firm could use a mid-range priced in-house printer ($2,000-$8,000) to make an initial design and print it in plastic. After several iterations when the final design is ready, the files can be uploaded to a service bureau with more expensive machines to complete the finished design in whatever material is needed.
3D printing is an exciting and rapidly developing field with a wide impact on design, manufacturing and marketing. One of the main advantages is that it allows the designer to go from concept to actualization quicker and more directly. For example, Nike has greatly shortened the time from the concept stage for a new shoe design. To quote a Nike designer, “A new shoe design has been reduced from years to hours”. It’s not just the speed of the 3D printer that allows this, but that there are less steps between the idea and the mnewbalanufacturing process. The impact of faster product design and finished manufacturing results in a more responsive marketing environment. In addition to images shown to focus groups, hand-held, fully functioning 3D printed prototypes can be utilized. Also, the same 3D designs that are used for printing can be used in commercials and in web and mobile sites for review and modification.
A good analogy of the impact that 3D printing will have on product marketing and sales is what happened with the music industry and the introduction of digital file formats. Instead of sharing digital music, people will be able to share object files; files that can be modified to an individual’s desire. Companies will have the advantage with specific customization of products tailored to an event or promotion. A dynamic between the consumer and company can be established. Say you’re looking for a new watch to purchase. You bring up a company’s mobile app, browse their basic selections and pick one to start. At this point, using a 3D design interface, you modify the design to your specific needs. That file you create is used in a 3D printer to produce the new watch. The watch company could then share your design with others and promote it on social networking sites.cereal
The buzz about 3D printing is not unwarranted. It is customization at lower cost. Distance between design and production is shortened. Leveraging open source software and social networking to build an engaged community. An almost unlimited choice of printable materials. This impact will effect both large and small producers. One hope is that production of parts will become more localized. I cannot imagine any industry that will not be affected by additive manufacturing.
For more information:

#UMSLDigital Conference Social Recap

The UMSL Digital State of Digital Media Marketing Conference was the biggest ever! At this conference, they know that trying to stay current regarding the latest best practices and trends in the world of social and digital media marketing can be overwhelming. So, UMSL Digital brought some of the best and brightest together to share their insights on rocking the digital marketing space over two days. Continue reading “#UMSLDigital Conference Social Recap”

#UMSLDigital Conference Speaker Preview: An Interview with Kari Rippetoe

Kari_RippetoeBy Taylor Bartley
At the 2015 State of Digital Media Marketing Conference, we have speakers coming from all over the nation to speak about their specialties in digital marketing. One in particular is Kari Rippetoe, a jack of all trades in the digital marketing world. Not only does Kari understand the importance of content, but she is an SEO expert and can brand a business with the best of them. We got the chance to talk to Kari about the her favorite aspects of digital marketing and along with the challenging aspects. We also got great tips for fellow digital marketers! Check out the full interview below: Continue reading “#UMSLDigital Conference Speaker Preview: An Interview with Kari Rippetoe”

UMSL Business Alumni and Students Volunteer at EarthDance Farms in Ferguson

Work as a pair becuase plan two rows in each bedBy Lingru Kong and Fredrick Eccher
This past weekend, UMSL Business had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day volunteering at the wonderful EarthDance Farms in Ferguson. The farm has been operating for several generations and will soon be certified as an organic farm. EarthDance is Community Supported Agriculture, Continue reading “UMSL Business Alumni and Students Volunteer at EarthDance Farms in Ferguson”

UMSL Marketing Club Rocks AMA Collegiate Conference

UMSL Marketing Club ama conference

By Kathryn Todd
UMSL Marketing Club  ama conferenceOver spring break, students from the UMSL Marketing Club traveled to New Orleans to attend the American Marketing Association Collegiate Conference. The AMA is one of the worlds largest marketing associations with over 30,000 members and over 350 affiliated college chapters. This organization works to provide networking opportunities, education, and training to its members. Students became involved with the AMA when they competed in its Collegiate Case Competition. 14 students worked together to create a marketing campaign for Glaceau Vitamin Water and competed with colleges from across the nation. Continue reading “UMSL Marketing Club Rocks AMA Collegiate Conference”

State of Digital Media Marketing Preview: Interview with Unidev’s Angela LaRocca

Angela LaRocca

By Chase Kohler

Angela LaRocca
Image via Unidev

The Midwest is quickly gearing up for the third annual State of Digital Media Marketing Conference at UMSL on April 16th and 17th. Featuring a marketing focused career fair, presenters, exhibitors, and keynote speaker Chris Brogan, the 2015 conference is set to become a top trending moment of 2015. The UMSL Marketing Club recently caught up with Angela LaRocca, brand manager of conference sponsor Unidev for an informal chat about what both attendees and speakers can look forward to. While initially recorded for notational purposes, the conversation quickly proved itself better in an unedited state. Continue reading “State of Digital Media Marketing Preview: Interview with Unidev’s Angela LaRocca”