Brent Dykes: #MDMC16's Web Analytics Action Hero

Brent Dykes, who currently works as an Analytics Evangelist Adobe, is the author of “Web Analytics Action Hero.” With a background in computer software, Mr. Dykes considers himself a data storytelling enthusiast, consultant and evangelist. He has helped over 1000 global organizations utilize web analytics while working for more than a decade in the field of online marketing. With this experience in management at Omniture/Adobe, Mr. Dykes has assisted teams of all sizes with analytics for marketing.
Brent has long been an evangelist. In his more recent roles as data analytics consultant and acclaimed speaker and his former marketing functions, Brent remains passionate about spreading data-driven words using cutting-edge innovations he helps evangelize collaboratively for clients of all walks.
In his current role as Analytics Evangelist at Adobe, Brent crowdsources collaborators, speaking event participants and, not least, broader users and/or stakeholders in his unique storytelling style of evangelizing data analytics solutions developed by Adobe, particularly flagship product Adobe Analytics. The engagements, speaking events and webinars are, for Brent, multichannel data analytics platforms aimed at evangelizing solutions for data handling, processing and management.
In his passionate efforts to evangelize, Brent has not been short of more channels for his web analytics interests. In his Web Analytics Action Hero and Web Analytics Kick Start Guide, Brent makes a case for web analytics by offering fresh insights into cutting edge data marketing and optimization solutions and filling in a practical gap of useful analytical strategies in current offerings.
Brent admits, in his web footprint, his dedication to marketing, notwithstanding his more recent data-oriented professional experiences. The common ground for Brent’s ability to market remains, however, his immense skill to capture attention by well informed storytelling, a skill seasoned by extensive experience in speaking publicly and for executives and collaborators across different functions and contexts. Brent has led and/or participated in speaking events in US and Europe. His public speaking portfolio includes, for example,, Adtech, Pubcon, and Adobe Summits.
Born a marketer, Brent evangelizes data analytics solutions by leading or participating in awareness raising programs and competitions including, most notably, Annual Adobe Digital Analytics Competition. By managing activities aimed at informing potential staff at Adobe on college campuses, Brent makes a case for corporate analytics as a driving force for future business intelligence insights and growth. Mr. Bert holds an MBA at Brigham Young University and a BA at Simon Fraser University.