Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

By: Jessica Fultz
Live streaming is becoming an important part of the digital marketing world. We got the pleasure to picture1participate in a seminar with Bonnie Frank, who went over many different points about live streaming and its importance. We also discussed different live streaming apps and tools and how to use them, like one of the more popular live streaming apps Periscope.
But, if you’re like me, who is new to the whole idea of live streaming and not exactly sure what you should say or do while streaming, listening to Bonnie’s advice was extremely helpful.
Bonnie gave us a few tips and tricks for live streaming.  These tips included making sure you always know your audience. (If you are in the marketing field, I’m sure you have heard this over and over again.)  But, it is so important to know whom you are speaking to so that you “deliver value!” (Bonnie’s words J) to your audience.
A few other pointers that Bonnie had for us (and any newcomers to the world of live streaming) to help prepare for a live stream, were to write down bullet points of what information you would like to cover. But make sure while you are streaming, to try to have your bullet points memorized. Do not read from your bullet points or a script, it makes you sound boring (and robotic) Also, all the viewers will see is you constantly looking down to read what you wrote.
While you are live streaming, make sure to have an introduction. People want to know who you are and what you are going to talk about. Be polite and greet everyone as they start to view your live stream. Also, acknowledge your audiences’ comments and questions. By doing this, it will keep your audience engaged in what you are saying.  However, if you have people who are being rude and mean (aka trolls), DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT acknowledge them. It’s just what they want you to do.  If you want to, just go ahead and block them.
trollsFinally, have a call to action for your audience. For example, “go and check out my Facebook page or website!” Also, let your audience know the next time you are going to be broadcasting, give the time and day, so they know when the can see you again.
Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you conquer the (newish) world of live streaming, like they did for me! Obviously, there are a lot more helpful tips for live streaming. But, the more you broadcast, the more comfortable your will get with live streaming and the bigger your audience will grow!
Oh, and don’t forget to have fun with it!