Twitter Guide: JetBlue Shows Us How to Tweet

By: Pablo Romero

Twitter has become a major tool for marketing. Whether you are a company big or small having a twitter connects you to people all over the world and it opens communication in a much larger scale than anything seen before social media. People and companies are having conversations every day and the barrier between customer and brand is being broken down. Being able to communicate with customers in a more direct and personal fashion builds trust and favorability which can give your brand an edge.

However, maintaining a twitter account is hard work, and not many people can get it right. Whether it is a lack of response or content, not devoting enough time to the account can make or break your twitter presence. If used right, however, twitter can facilitate branding, customer support, networking, internal communications and advertising. One of the companies that is best taking advantage of this tool is JetBlue Airways, who according to HubSpot, is a brand who just “does it all”. They have conversations with people and engage in trends. They are hailed as one of the best twitter accounts out there.

“How do I become them?”, you ask. Below are five steps to make your twitter campaign take off like JetBlue’s. This blog originally appeared on UMSL Digital Mindshare, click here to view the entire blog. 

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UX Design – What is it and why is it so important today?

By: Chidu Subbiah

User experience (UX) can be defined as the customer’s perception and how they interact with the website, applications, products, services, and the organization. It is the lens through which your users view the company as a whole. UX refers to a whole continuum that starts with user experience research and ends with user experience design. We apply various techniques as part of UX research to help add context and insight into the design process. UX research primarily helps to understand the needs of the users and identifies the requirements of the product. The research is the core part of the planning process because companies want to design a website or mobile application that is user friendly for the intended audience.

This blog originally appeared on UMSL Digital Mindshare. To read the full article, click here.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Dean of UMSL College of Business

By: Gabrielle Sealey and TJ Sheffer

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to UMSL’s College of Business Dean, you’re in luck. In a recent podcast, “In Your Business with UMSL Business” produced by the school, our students had the opportunity to sit down with the UMSL College of Business Dean Charlie Hoffman,Read more… and ask him a few questions to get to know him better. Click here to read the full article on UMSL Digital Mindshare, and to listen to the podcast!

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6 Ways To Make Your University’s Social Media Channels Work Better

By: Brittney Hager with the contribution of TJ Sheffer, Gabrielle Sealey, Jordan DeMars, Daniel Klevorn, and Pablo Romero

Technology has evolved drastically and brought a rise in social media. Almost everyone has at least one form of it, and the number of global users is constantly expanding. Social media is also crucial for universities and colleges. Having social media accounts, like Facebook or Twitter, help universities target new and current students, alumni, and the community

You would think that because everyone is on social media that it would be easy for schools to gain followers, especially from students. However, some colleges struggle at gaining attention on their accounts. So how do you attain the interest of these large audiences? The secret may lie within the social media sites of two universities. Baylor University and the University of Wisconsin–Madison have accumulated numerous followers and put out quality content that is liked by thousands of people, even if the content has no relation to the universities. Using these two colleges as examples, here are some great tips on how to improve your university’s social media.

Note: This blog originally appeared on UMSL Digital Mindshare, visit the original blog to read the rest.

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Strasbourg, France IMBA Program Fall 2016

By: Hayley Alexander

Studying abroad in Strasbourg, France was an opportunity I had always dreamed of and it surpassed my expectations. I spent five months in the capital of Europe that bordered two countries; Switzerland and Germany. With only a 30-minute train ride into another country, it was easy to travel throughout Europe. The university I studied at was EM Strasbourg School of Business. Each class challenged me on an international level and I was able to gain real insight into each culture. My favorite part about studying abroad was the people. Working in groups with students from all over the world allowed me to learn how each culture operates in the business world.

Since classes at the university were irregular, it allowed international students studying abroad to travel. After marking friends with students from Spain, Argentina, Hungary, China, Hong Kong, and more, we all visited Paris, Frankfurt, London, Budapest, and Basel. Each city was beautiful in its own way; the Eiffel tower in Paris, the Rhine River in Frankfurt, Buckingham Palace in London, the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, and the beautiful mountains in Basel. Each place was unique in its own way. What I loved most about Europe was the architecture. Unlike the states that has become extremely modern, the Europeans have kept the older, rich architecture that dates back to hundreds of years ago.

Experiencing culture diversity is an essential part in International Business. However, I can’t write this blog without mentioning the amazing food. Although I could hardly pronounce anything on each Menu, my French friends made me try every “French Dish” available. I now miss my fresh baguettes and cappuccino’s every morning.

I am extremely thankful for this opportunity that has taught me so much about international business and myself. The UMSL IMBA program allows you to connect and network with peers from around the world. I am confident that this experience will help my future career. If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, DO IT! Don’t wait! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and will change your life forever.



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Why Digital Marketing Matters

By: Nicholas Sylvia

The way people use digital devices is rapidly changing. We live in a world where people are constantly connected and always consuming digital media. Whether it is Smartphones, Smart watches, TV’s, computers, or even virtual reality, consumers are attached to a mobile device 24/7. The average American looks at his or her phone 46 times per day; this works out to over 8 Billion looks per day in America alone¹. This means it is not only crucial to be online, but even more so to have a strong digital presence. The website cements a company’s message, and social networks let a brand develop their voice.  
Every business has to be active online. Potential customers are not looking up businesses in the yellow pages anymore; they are searching online. If you don’t have a web presence then consumers don’t know you exist. The power of search is substantial with 75% of consumers using search to research businesses and 4 out of 10 consumers rely on social media or review sites as their research platforms². A strong digital presence is essential in gaining authority and reliability.
Quality content is king in the digital world. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and entertaining content to attract and retain a target audience. Content marketing has the capacity to resonate more meaningfully with consumers than traditional marketing channels. Content tells the story of a brand and encourages people to connect further. This is also a distinct way to show a brand’s personality and products without being expressly promotional.

The king of the content world is video, which is still evolving with 360° video, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Video tells a story that text and pictures simply cannot. The story is more immersive and more likely to capture the attention of an audience. On Facebook alone there are 100 million hours of video watch time per day and over 1 billion users. YouTube has almost reached 5 billion videos watched per day. This amount of video consumption means video is the number one outlet to focus content.

Social media must be a part of your digital presence. There are over 400 million users on Instagram, 340 million users on Twitter, 100 million on Snapchat, and over 1 billion on Facebook. People are constantly on social media on a day-to-day basis. Most college students are on more than one social media platform and are typically much better users than older generations. This is why it is important for colleges to offer courses like Digital Strategies. These college students have knowledge about social media platforms that are useful in the professional business world.

How Digital Strategies Has Helped Me

3721: Digital Media Marketing Strategies has taught me more about the real world of marketing than any other class I have taken in my college career. We have gone in-depth on Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and much more. I have been able to directly apply this knowledge to my current position as a web designer and my other position as a social media manager. The professor of this course, Perry Drake, cares so much about each of his students’ success. He encourages all of his students to join the Marketing Club and even convinced me to become the President for next semester. Perry also offers opportunities throughout the semester to use these skills he teaches in class for UMSL; for example, he gave me the opportunity to produce a Holiday video for the UMSL College of Business. This is an essential skill to have in the area of digital marketing.

Taking this class alongside 3731: The UMSL Digital Lab, which is a student run digital marketing agency with various clients throughout St. Louis, has propelled my marketing career forward faster than I could have ever predicted. I had the pleasure of working with TEDxGatewayArch, which is an independently organized TED non-profit, as my client with a team of two other UMSL students. I have expanded my network to some of the most well known marketers in St. Louis in a matter of months. I have found out that marketing is what I want to do for my career and that the environment of marketing is something I truly enjoy. This would not have been possible without the help of Perry and UMSL.

At TEDxGatewayArch my team worked throughout the semester on Twitter to promote their annual event, which was on December 10th. We then created a social media strategy across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the day of the event. I live streamed various speakers and performers throughout the day. I am now in the process of creating a recap video of the event. This is all using valuable information and skills that I have learned through these two classes.

The Importance of Digital Marketing Classes

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. Traditional forms of marketing have their place for now, but for upcoming generations digital is the only medium that is effective. For students thinking about a career in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, or any career, they will need some of these skills in your professional career. Whether you like it or not digital media is a huge part of the world that we live in today.

Digital Strategies is the first marketing class where I have actually discussed social media and trends that are currently happening in the digital world. This is very important for students to be up to date with what is going on in the world around them. It is essential for upcoming business students to get familiar with the environment of the digital world. There is no outdated curriculum or textbooks from 5 years ago not even mentioning social media. Digital Strategies is all about what is going on now and what new emerging trends will be.

I recommend that anyone attending UMSL take 3721: Digital Media Marketing Strategies. The curriculum of modern digital media and trends are vital in the fast developing business environment. Students already have a base knowledge of social media and this makes it an engaging, interactive class. I know many other universities do not offer these types of classes and that is a problem. How do you expect a student to be prepared for the digital environment of business? Most interactions nowadays are digital and these up and coming students trying to build a career need to have the knowledge taught in Digital Strategies classes.

I also recommend that anyone interested in going into the field of marketing take 3731: The UMSL Digital Lab. The Lab taught me many aspects of marketing, including; efficient teamwork, professional communication, and effective leadership. These skills develop over time and the more you are exposed to the environment that requires these skills, the more you will flourish. Students need experience before they are out of school and this is a great way to knock out a few credit hours as well as gain the experience needed to get ahead in their careers. #IChoseUMSL


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Technology conference sheds light on the future of cybersecurity

Student conference organizers (from left) Jestika Gajjar, Kerrine Nelson and Tracee Stewart joined industry leaders from across the country at the event, which focused on combating cyberattacks. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Student conference organizers (from left) Jestika Gajjar, Kerrine Nelson and Tracee Stewart joined industry leaders from across the country at the event, which focused on combating cyberattacks. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Keylogging software, phishing scams and remote access Trojans are just a few of the security threats consumers and corporations face each day.

On Nov. 18, information technology professionals representing companies such as MasterCard, Ameren, Centene, Edward Jones and Express Scripts converged on the University of Missouri–St. Louis campus to discuss the best strategies for information defense at the MasterCard St. Louis Cybersecurity Conference 2016.

Click here to read the full article.

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Podcasting 101 with Vernon Ross

Podcasting 101.png

Have you ever heard of Serial? It’s an investigative podcast series hosted by Sarah Koenig that tells a true story over the course of a season.Think “Making a Murderer” in radio format. Serial really brought podcasting as a communications channel to the mainstream more than it had ever been before. Currently, 12% of the population is hooked on a podcast.

Vernon Ross, of Ross Public Relations, stopped by my Social Media Marketing class a few weeks ago to teach us about starting our own Podcast. In a few weeks, my students will be embarking on the creation of the first-ever UMSL Business Podcast series. We were so excited to welcome Vernon as he has had his own podcast, “The Social Strategy Podcast,” for over three years. Vernon is also teaching a new Podcasting course for the UMSL Digital Marketing Certificate program in Fall 2016. Thinking about starting your own podcast? Read the full blog here for Vernon’s 3 biggest takeaways from his Podcasting 101. 


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UMSL Alumnus Shares His Experience

We recently caught up with UMSL alumnus Spenser Schmitt (‘14) about his experience at UMSL. Spenser, like many UMSL students first attended community college before transferring. Find out what Spenser has to say about his experience with the university and why he would recommend UMSL!

  1. Why did you choose UMSL?

Initially, I looked into a couple of schools in the area and realized that UMSL had a great professors and faculty. I also felt that UMSL had a variety of hands-on experiences and was a great value. I felt this was a good choice for me to attend school in the St. Louis area.

  1. Why would you recommend UMSL?

I would highly recommend UMSL because the professors are really passionate and many have experience in the industries they are teaching in. UMSL also has a beautiful campus, which is a nice perk.

  1. What advice would you give to current or future UMSL students?

I would say to get involved with any extracurricular activities the school has to offer. Absorb the whole college experience and treat it as your job. I think this will really help you to take advantage of everything that UMSL has to offer. It will also help to you be more prepared once you graduate.

I would also recommend using your senior year to ramp up your career and grow your network. Be prepared to work in a team setting, especially on things like senior project. Learn your strengths and practice good teamwork, this will come in handy in your future career. Also, try to note business acumen, it’s important to know how to handle etiquette in the business world.

  1. What do you wish you had done during your time at UMSL that you did not?

I actually didn’t do any internships during college, UMSL can connect you with some good internships and I wish I had done a couple. I think this would have given me some invaluable experience and helped me to better know what I wanted to do after graduation.

I also wish I had gotten more involved. UMSL has a lot of clubs and organizations that you can learn from but I was working a lot and didn’t get as involved as I would have liked. I would have liked have learned more from an entrepreneurial standpoint. I currently work for a startup, so that could be useful.

spenser_schmittAbout Spenser: I currently head the marketing and sales for a small business and technology solutions provider called ProgresSum. I am most passionate about giving people the ability to achieve their goals, both in their professional and personal lives. UMSL was actually a big propionate in giving me the confidence and drive to do so.

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Why Marketers Need More Branding Because of RankBrain

What is RankBrain?

Courtesy of “RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results, as was reported by Bloomberg and also confirmed to us by Google.”

Click here to learn more about RankBrain from TJ Salopek, Digital Marketing Manager, Charter Spectrum Reach & UMSL Marketing Advisory Board.

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