ShareBy Kyle Eggering On March 21st, UMSL students, myself included, had a chance to hear from one of the highest achievers to come out of our school. Rebecca Boyer, former CFO of Kelly Mitchell, spoke to students and community members alike in Lee Theater. Kelly Mitchell is a woman-owned technical […]

Rebecca Boyer Leave’s Lasting Impact During Talk

ShareBy Katelyn Chostner   The University of Missouri-St. Louis has so many fascinating aspects about it, but recently I just found a major part of our university that blew my mind. UMSL offers a Doctor of Business Administration program to senior executives from all over the U.S. This means that people […]

Everything You Need to Know About the UMSL DBA Program

ShareBy Sarah Thomas  Hey UMSL Business!! Let’s talk dress code… There are numerous occasions throughout the semester that we are required to dress business casual. Whether it’s for an interview, career fair, internship/work, or an event – Whatever the case may be we all find ourselves questioning the dress code. […]

A Guide to Dressing Business Casual + Owning it!

ShareBy Katelyn Chostner & Patricia Knight The University of Missouri-St. Louis is such a diverse campus that it’s so important we keep ourselves educated. One of the ways UMSL helps our faculty and staff do this is with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This office helps keep our […]

Why You Should Take UMSL Diversity 101

ShareBy Katelyn Chostner, Kyle Eggering, Patricia Knight and Sarah Thomas Somewhere down the line I’m sure you’ve thought of starting a business. But before you even figured out what type of business you wanted, those sneaky thoughts got to you. “Oh, I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” or “Even […]

Two Ways UMSL can Help You Start Your Business

ShareBy Sarah Thomas &  Katelyn Chostner It’s that time of the semester when you start to realize you need to look for an internship. Luckily, UMSL Business hosted an amazing marketing career fair last Tuesday to help us out. The career fair had so many different marketing companies who came […]

Spring 2019 Marketing Internship & Career Fair

ShareBy  Kyle Eggering My first time going to Venture Café was probably much like any other persons. I timidly walked up to the sign in area, registered as a visitor, sat down the in café with my free beer, and waited nervously at a table, leaving seats open for someone […]

UMSL Senior: My First Trip to Venture Café

ShareBy Patricia Knight Hate speech can be an awful way to express your opinions against other people. It can be used to discriminate other people no other what their races, sexual orientations, and religions are without knowing that it can hurt other people’s feelings. I went to the Hate Speech […]

When Does Language Become Hate Speech?

ShareBy Katelyn Chostner Getting a marketing degree can be tough but keeping your education relevant is exhausting. If you agree with that statement, well, you’re in luck. The University of Missouri–St. Louis has just announced a  new tool to help you manage your education. UMSL Business has launched the Marketing and […]

New Sales Institute Keeps Your Marketing Education Relevant

ShareBy Sarah Thomas Media and Communication Students Finding Themselves in the College of Business Hey UMSL Business! Ever wonder what it means to be a media studies major? It seems like we all know one, but what do media studies really entail? As a media studies major, I have a […]

Navigating COBA as a Media Studies Major