ShareBy Katelyn Gierer Have you ever wondered who is leading the way in digital marketing? We are going out and finding the best-of-the-best all around the nation to give them the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders award. With the help of our Marketing Advisory Board, featuring executives from Purina, […]

January’s Thought Leaders Award

ShareBy Zack Stahr The search for the right tool is an incredibly difficult process because the available resources are simply overwhelming. The first thing you need when finding the right tool for your company is strategy. Some social platforms behave better with different tools. Different types of content work better […]

Find The Right Social Media Tool For Your Business

ShareBy Zach Kozelichki Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, you might have stumbled across the latest trending news in regard to Tesla’s latest vehicle, the Cybertruck. There was a promotional event held to announce Tesla’s latest release, which attracted a great deal […]

Cybertruck: Guerrilla Marketing?

ShareBy Heidi Ehlert, Let’s face it, as college students it is super hard to find the time to work on personal projects. Even finding time for a hobby can be super difficult, but if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on your future career in the marketing or media world […]

Start Your Blog, Help Your Marketing Career

ShareBy Kalynn Clinton So, you’ve finally graduated, you’ve got that coveted piece of paper, and now it’s time for you to find your first “real” job. Or maybe you’re feeling suffocated in your current role and you’re looking for a change. Whatever the reason, and whatever point in your career […]

Looking for a Job? You’re Doing it Wrong!

ShareBy Heidi Ehlert Are you interested in getting into the digital marketing world but are overwhelmed on where to start? I’ve been there and let me tell you it’s scary getting all this digital marketing information thrown at you and not really understand any of it. I was a media […]

Tips and Tricks for your Digital Marketing Internship

ShareBy Zach Kozelichki, In today’s marketing environment advertisers often make frequent use of endorsers, including celebrities. Nonetheless, this tactic can be risky because celebrities often have scandals that oppose the image portrayed in a given advertisement. Celebrities can also get overexposed. When Tiger Woods was at the pinnacle of his […]

Collaborating with Celebrity Endorsers

ShareBy Michael Brothers   In the world of athletics, funding can be a deciding factor to a program’s success. Yes, hard work, coaching and natural talent are important, but by being able to provide a team with the best resources possible the program can set themselves apart from the competition. […]

Sports Marketing for Your Team

ShareBy Drew Dubis   In a world saturated with messages by individuals and brands, content creation and implementation can be very difficult. Come learn a few tips and tricks on how to pick the best strategy for you!   A few questions come to mind when deciding what the best […]

Is Content Really King?

ShareBy Heidi Ehlert The University of Missouri–St. Louis is a hotspot for international students around the world. This busy, fun and educational college is a great choice for young business degree seekers globally. UMSL is eager to give international students the education they require to excel in the business industry. […]

Experiencing UMSL Business Through The Eyes Of International Student