ShareBy: Steve Bauer  UMSL Marketing Advisory Board Member since 2013 & Global Lead, FleishmanHillard’s Social & Innovation @SteveBauer   Time. It’s our most valuable resource. How we choose to spend it is up to each of us. But there’s a lot competing for our time… and for our attention. Studies […]

Guest Editorial: May I Have Your Attention, Please?

ShareBy Andrea Siecinski The “In Your Business” Podcast recently interviewed some faculty of UMSL about the past, present and future plans of the Anheuser Busch Hall. The hall opened in August of 2017 and is the first building to be used only for the the College of Business. Brendan Goodwin […]

New Business Building Brings Fresh Opportunities To Campus

Share  Kristina Medvedeva was ready for her solo intercontinental move to St. Louis well before booking a plane ticket in 2014. She had done her homework. A master’s degree in North American studies, fluency in English and an independent spirit – one cultivated after leaving home at the age of […]

Meet College of Business International MBA student, Kristina Medvedeva!

Share“In Your Business”, a podcasting series by UMSL Business, continues to feature people, who are experts in their fields, discussing issues the audiences can relate to. In a recent podcast, UMSL Business Interviewed Dr. Carl Hoagland and Mr. Tyler Beffa. Dr. Hoagland is a former Emerson Electric Company Endowed Professor […]

Importance of Taking Business Courses for Students Of Other Majors

Share“In Your Business”, which is an UMSL Business’s podcasting series yet again featured people who are experts in their areas, eager to offer guidance to prospective audiences on matters affecting them. In the recent podcast, UMSL Business talked with Dr. Joseph Rottman, Dr. Ekin Pellegrini, and Cassie Philip about the […]

Study Abroad with UMSL Business

ShareBy: Isela Sanchez The hands-focused social media movement is on the rise! Hands have always been a big part of films and other on-screen productions, but recently they have started to play a huge role on social media. Hands are the symbol of artisanal craftsmanship and entrepreneurial zeal. What exactly […]

The Hands Movement On Social Media

ShareBy: Isela Sanchez UMSL Business’s podcasting series “In Your Business” always wants to expand knowledge to students by providing guest speakers with an amazing teaching capacity and insightful ideas. For the latest podcast, we interviewed Dan Lauer, Chris Miller and Alex Zwibleman, who are all part of the UMSL Business […]

Entrepreneurial Program at UMSL: Preparing Students for Success

ShareBy: Afnan Tahir Many people question whether marketing is a right career path for them to choose as they consider a degree in marketing. Studying marketing presents various career opportunities that include advertising, public relations, brand management, and market research. A degree in marketing has proved to be essential as […]

Why Marketing Is The Right Career Path For You

ShareUMSL Business’s podcasting series “In Your Business” always features interesting people, who are experts in their fields, willing to share their expertise with broader audiences. For the latest podcast UMSL Business interviewed Dr. Mary Lacity to talk about the robot age, service automation, and how these systems impact business processes. This blog originally […]

Service Automation and The Robot Age In Business

ShareBy: Jordan DeMars and Dan Klevorn For the podcasting series “In Your Business”, UMSL Business interviewed Jason Bockman – one of the founders, and now the owner of Strange Donuts, who graduated from UMSL. During the interview, Jason talked about his entrepreneur career and how it has led to the creation of his current business. […]

From UMSL Alum to the Donut Master